Τhe aim of the laboratory is to conduct excellent research in the field of space-time analysis and its applications in different scientific fields.  We pursue this research by means of a dedicated team of Master’s students, PhD candidates, and Post-Doctoral Researchers. We publish the results of our research in leading international scientific journals and present them at major international conferences in related scientific disciplines.

Scientific Expertise

  • Development of novel Geostatistical methods
  • Methods for spatiotemporal data analysis
  • Fast algorithms for reconstruction of missing data
  • Interpolation and simulation of scattered spatial data
  • Applications of statistical physics in spatial data analysis
  • Time series models and causality analysis


  • Quantitative analysis of groundwater resources
  • Spatiotemporal analysis of rainfall variability
  • Estimates of energy resources reserves and quality characteristics
  • Statistical seismology
  • Analysis of GPS time series for signal extraction in noisy background