The software developed by the Geostatistics Laboratory includes the following Matlab packages:


1) Spartan covariance functions

2) Geometric Anisotropy estimation based on the Covariance Hessian Identity (click on respective title in the panel on the left)

3) Stochastic Local Interaction model for the interpolation of scattered spatial data in any dimension

4) Package for the estimation of empirical variogram and fit to the SSRF variogram family.

5) Package for the generation of Conditional Simulations of Spartan Spatial Random Fields

6) Suite of Matlab programs for the implementation of gradient-based SLI estimation and interpolation (October 2020). 

Functions from this package were used for obtaining the results in the paper "Stochastic Local Interaction Model: An Alternative to Kriging for Massive Datasets" by Hristopulos, Pavlides, Agou and Gkafa, published in Mathematical Geosciences (2021). doi: 10.1007/s11004-021-09957-7

7) Suite of functions for performing Warped Gaussian Process regression for one-dimensional datasets (time series).

Functions from this package were used in the paper "Spatial Modeling of Precipitation Based on Data-Driven Warping of Gaussian Processes" by Agou, Pavlides, and Hristopulos published in Entropy (2022). doi: 10.3390/e24030321

8) Package of Matlab functions for estimating the parameters of the Kappa-Weibull distribution

Functions from this package were used in the paper:

D.T. Hristopulos and A. Baxevani, “Kaniadakis functions beyond statistical mechanics: weakest-link scaling, power-law tails, and modified lognormal distribution,” Entropy, 24(10), 1362, 2022.