GEOSTAT2018 Workshop

Spatial analysis and applications in geological, mining and environmental problems, Wrocław 22 – 25 January 2018, Poland

Professor Dionissios Hristopulos (Technical University of Crete)

“Spartan spatial random fields and stochastic local interaction (SLI) models”


1.    Introduction to Spartan spatial random fields (SSRFs): motivation and properties

2.    New SSRF covariance functions: properties and examples of applications to real data.

3.    Discretized SSRF models for data on regular grids and connection with Gauss-Markov random fields.

4.     Parameter estimation and interpolation, uncertainty estimation.

5.     Geometric anisotropy: an introduction and anisotropic SSRF models on regular grids.

6.    Introduction to the Stochastic Local Interaction (SLI) model for irregularly spaced data: kernel functions, adaptive selection of the kernel bandwidth, sparse precision matrices and applications to big spatial data.

7.    Applications to synthetic and real data, extensions to space-time models, topics for further research.