Spring semester

Introduction to Geostatistics (6th semester)

The course reviews basic principles of the theory of probability and statistics and then introduces the main concepts of spatial analysis.

Electrical Circuits (4th semester)

This course focuses on methods for solving linear electrical circuits, in both steady-state and transient conditions. I taught this course from 2003 till 2005.

Fall Semester

Applications of Geostatistics (7th semester)

This course introduces the concept of random fields, the variogram function, kriging methods for interpolation and reserves estimation and other applications.

The course involves computer lab sessions that introduce the use of MATLAB in geostatistical calculations.

Data analysis / Geostatistics (graduate courses)

These courses alternate every year. They focus on the main concepts and applications of spectral analysis, regression methods, random field theory, simulation and geostatistics in relation to the analysis and processing of various "signals" with temporal or spatial variability.

The courses are complemented with computer lab sessions for hands-on practice of MATLAB data-processing functions.

Some introductory notes for MATLAB are here (in Greek).